• has anybody read the Uglies series?
  • any fancasts? I want to know ;w;
  1. greyjoy-pride said: Chace Crawford as Peris, and I always pictured Emma Watson as Shay. Also Angelina Jolie as Dr. Cable
  2. bunsofcheese said: no
  3. debeauxreve-macherie said: Yes! The uglies should really be more well known, the books are amazing :D
  4. fafarinn said: i think I did but at age 16 I don’t know how much I can trust myself at age 16 but back then I liked it
  5. forbiddenforest said: I’ve read it and I saw a poster remake featuring Hailee Steinfeld as Tally :)
  6. allinablur said: You’ve just reminded me that I still need to finish it! Oops. I’m still like halfway through Specials. I haven’t even had the time to think about a cast.
  7. daylightdoe said: I’ve always fancasted Tally as Saiorse Ronan, but she seems to be every dreamcast lately so this might not be original… and perhaps Colton Haynes for Zane, or Taylor Lautner for David, I’m still looking for the perfect fancast !
  8. fashionandfiction said: I’ve read them, but I haven’t thought of any fancasts. Are they making a movie? :)
  9. therewereheartsinmycupcakes said: I’ve read it but I have no fancasts, unfortunately. :(
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